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Master COBOL Data Archiving Workshop

Organizations using COBOL-based systems generally fall into two groups: 1) those that either have moved off of them, or are planning to move off of them, and 2) organizations that continue to use COBOL as a core programming language that supports their critical business data.

This online workshop is for the former. 

During this workshop, we’ll discuss two approaches to archiving COBOL data:

  1. How to prepare for archiving COBOL-based data BEFORE you move off of your legacy system to a new application (or retire your legacy system), and
  2. Steps to take AFTER you have moved to a new system.

Whether you're planning to move to a new application or already have, it's likely that data from the legacy system is required for retention purposes--either by formal regulations or business policies and practices. We’ll provide guidance on what to consider BEFORE moving off of your legacy COBOL-based system as well as how you can successfully archive data from your legacy system once you’ve already moved to a new application.

Who Should Attend?

  • VP/Director IT
  • VP/Director Data Management
  • VP/Director Mainframe/Application Management

Meet the Presenters

Paul Barry

Paul Barry
VP, Data Archiving Solutions
Flatirons Digital Innovations

Bill Tarket

Bill Tarket
Technical Lead, COBOL Archiving
Flatirons Digital Innovations

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